Statement on my dismissal from the Police Federation of England and Wales on Monday 3 February 2014

Following my unexpected and unreasonable dismissal by the Police Federation on Monday 3 February 2014, I have sought to keep my counsel.  However, I understand that misleading statements have been made and accordingly I have had no choice but to issue this short statement in order to protect my reputation.

“Regrettably my working relationship with the Police Federation has ended. In the short time I worked there, all my efforts were undertaken in good faith and with encouragement, mostly in the absence of any strategy, guidelines, policy or support.

“I continuously made it clear that I would do nothing to compromise my integrity or professionalism.  As expected of any professional head of communications, I offered honest and objective advice based on my extensive experience, made recommendations and asked difficult questions, however uncomfortable that was. This included challenging acts of bullying, inappropriate behaviours and attitudes.

“It is clear that a vocal minority took exception to my role and as a result, my services were dispensed with. This was after I had expressed a view that my position was becoming increasingly untenable. It is deeply regrettable that the organisation that represents rank and file police officers, dismissed me without due process being followed as a member of staff, given that it expects such standards to be applied by other individuals and organisations, when it comes to their own members.”